Full support for transport

We provide forwarding services by air, road, rail, sea and inland waterway. We have our own fleet, as well as work with trusted, experienced carriers.


Efficient organization, experience in the field of broadly understood logistics and skilful use of cutting-edge strategies, allow us to realize warehousing services at the highest level.

Times shipments

At your request we are able to deliver the cargo entrusted to us the indicated address within 24 hours of loading to most European Union countries.

Shipment tracking

The order processing and fleet management allows for monitoring of vehicles and cargo tracking in real time. The system is based on GPS satellite links and is connected to a network program orders and fleet.


AIR EXPRESS POLAND is the company, which does wide range of air - , water - , and road - forwarding. The main trump of Air Express Poland are people - experts with longstanding forwarding experiece from well - known and reputed companies of ocean and air-road branches. They comprise well - kint and well - know team which guarantee individual attitude to our clients.

The knowledge and competence gained through years of experience lets us to be equal to every, even very refined order of a client. Our goal is professional, fast and elastic service to consider individual needs of everyone of our clients. The point is to get to the "golden mean" : high quality of service for a good price. We do logistic and farwarding projects in all over the world.

In use of global web of logistic connections we do offer range kinds of organization water -, air-, train- and road - forwardings.

We despine a web of our agents/partners in all over the world, who helps us to keep in touch with yours inputers and outputers.

We encourage you to use of our services.

Our mission

The mission of our company is to provide our customers with the highest quality of services and ensuring satisfaction in every area of our business. Knowledge of the subject matter in the field of transport, forwarding and logistics, makes it possible to offer our customers a comprehensive service.

The timeliness, quality and reliability are prerequisites, which guide us in everyday work.
Strictly abide by the principle that fully satisfied the customer is its fulfillment.

We strive for optimal use our knowledge and experience to our customer always had the feeling that our company is treated uniquely.


If you are a person:

  • dynamic
  • oriented success
  • demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit
  • able to pursue goals
  • not afraid to daily challenges
  • who knows at least one foreign language

  • It is today send us your CV to your career could gain the right momentum. Being part of AIR EXPRESS POLAND will have a unique opportunity to work with people forming a unique atmosphere in the place where energy is condensed to the maximum. You will discover what true team work and effective collaboration with colleagues in achieving the desired objectives. You will feel the satisfaction that comes from team management and the related liability.

    Our partners

    Road transport

    Air Express Poland Sp z o. O. provides a constant supply of an express in Polish and Europe using cooperating courier companies.

    As part of the transport services we provide groupage and full truck load and execute the delivery of parcels and pallets.

    International freight forwarding services in our company deal with people with many years of experience in the industry.

    We guarantee

  • The substitution of the vehicle up to 90 minutes on Polish territory, in every region of the country
  • Metastasis of goods from Western Europe to the east with the handling of our warehouse in Wroclaw
  • The possibility of storing the goods and their distribution throughout Europe
  • Transport throughout Europe car capacity from 1.5 tons to 24 tons
  • Delivery of goods to 24 hours in central and western Europe
  • Cargo insurance
  • We also offer you the service "critical shipments" which means that in case of urgent air freight and road, our employees are at your disposal 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    Learn more +48 791 888 777


    With years of experience in handling air freight, we know how urgent they are shipping to our customers, we have also worked out a network of contacts with airlines and each time we can offer the optimum solution tailored to the specific situation. Airfreight allows the transport of various kinds of cargo: parts production lines, components for further production as well as highly processed finished goods, perishable goods, live animals and more. We serve both import and export your goods sent by air freight in Poland and abroad. Our local partners located at most airports in Poland will allow for the fastest service associated with the operation of airport and our customs agency provides efficient customs clearance of your shipments.

    Our offer

  • full service freight forwarding shipments carried by air
  • transport perishable materials
  • transport of hazardous materials
  • transport of oversized shipments and group
  • transport express freight (x-presso)
  • delivery and load air freight in Poland and abroad
  • customs clearance in the full range
  • delivery of shipments "door to door" through our network of agents
  • full monitoring passage of items
  • multimodal transport - combined with other transport modes (air trucking)
  • logistics, maritime and air transport
  • forwarding of collective shipments (consolidation)

  • Storage

    Efficient organization, experience in the field of broadly understood logistics and skilful use of cutting-edge strategies, allow us to realize warehousing services at the highest level. Thus, we provide our customers with full support, we understood both as offering the best quality of service performance storage, as well as care for their wide range - fully corresponds to individual expectations.

    We can adjust our offer storage for even the most demanding customers. With our vast experience we are able to effectively combine the distribution of goods to the service of import storage, repackaging, complementing and further distribution to the customer.

    The warehousing We offer a

  • full service storage
  • modern tools
  • electric carts for high storage systems,
  • inspection of goods
  • reporting
  • unloading, loading, reloading
  • packing and repacking
  • marking, labeling and identification based on bar codes
  • merchandise
  • clock protection

  • What makes us diffrent?

      Among the other companies doing this type of service distinguishes us above all:
    • comprehensiveness and quality offer
    • competitive prices
    • own warehouses


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